The Psychology of Style; Mental Health and Fashion

You might be thinking, what do mental health and fashion have to do with each other? I would argue, everything.

Fashion is more than material we put on our bodies, it's more than pretty fabrics, cuts, and embroidery. It's more than art, a trend, or aesthetic. Fashion [aka our style and clothing we create it with] is the skin we choose to put on our bodies. It is the way we choose to present ourselves to the world, and the way we choose for the world to see us.

Wear sweats every day? You're saying something to the world, and the world is reacting accordingly.

Wear plain neutral colors every day? You're saying something to the world, and the world is reacting accordingly.

Put effort into your style and stay up-to-date on current trends? You're saying something to the world, and the world is reacting accordingly.

What are you saying to the world? How is the world reacting to you?

Yes, you absolutely have a say in the way the world views you. Before someone meets you, they see you. When they see you they don't hear your voice, experience your personality, or know your past. They only see you. You do have control over their thoughts about you by the way you are presenting yourself to the world. In a world where it's HARD to feel in control, our style is one thing we always can be in control of.

Sneak peek at this year's suicide prevention t-shirt design.

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should) then you know how strongly I believe in being vulnerable about our mental health struggles, #breakthestigma and all that. If you don't struggle with any mental health problems, you are the exception- I'm happy for you... but that's not the reality for like.. the entire rest of the world! We all have anxiety, we all have depression and then some. I'm not here to talk about why, but just to help you deal with the struggles you have by loving yourself wholeheartedly through the clothes you put on your body.

Recently I went through a spiral [which is what I call a depressive anxiety ridden episode lasting anywhere from one to eight days, as this one did] and the only thing that kept me motivated was all of you. "I am who I am" is my slogan for my life and business. It means something different for each person, but to me it means owning who you are 100% and living as that person. No matter how many people leave your life, it's always worth it to be yourself. A large part of who we are is how we dress.

Just take a moment to stop and think about who you are and how that affects the clothes you put on your body.

We can change our mood, our self-esteem, our self-confidence, our self-image by changing what we put on our bodies (not just clothes but nails, hair, eyebrows, make-up, etc.) and I guarantee that once you start taking the way you look seriously, you will feel so much more powerful. When I say I help you "find your power through your style", this is what I mean.

My blogs are for shopping, so I've explained enough. This week's shopping checklist is all about how to hack your spiral; what to wear when your mental health is crap so you can feel a little better. We're going to go from hardest to easiest, because TRUST ME, I know it can be hard to put anything besides an over-sized sweatshirt on when you're spiraling.

1. A gorgeous dress that makes you feel beautiful. I know it can be hard to feel motivated to dress up when you're struggling but I promise if you do, you will feel better! It can be hard, and you don't have to force it, but it's worth it to get some power back! The more layers you wear the more put together you feel, that's just science. For me, the more layers I wear, the safer I feel. It's like hiding in a blanket but it's really a flattering jacket and you look bomb.

Shop Here:

Leopard Ruffle Layered Dress (pictured below)

Leopard Ruffle Layered Plus Dress

Big Bell Sleeve Dress

Adorable Tie Block Pattern Dress

Floral Summer Dress with Bow

2. Putting a dress on can be hard, and if you don't have anywhere to wear one to, it's even harder to feel that motivation. I get it. So here's something a little easier. A basic jumper made of a super comfy cozy material is perfect because you totally look and feel like you have it together. Physically you feel like you're wearing PJs, but you look like you tried. Jumpers are super easy to style because like dresses, their already an entire outfit. Throw on a denim jacket or vest and some sandals and BAM you look like you have your ish together... and when you look it, you feel it.

Shop Here:

Short Sleeve Comfy Jumper (pictured below) One of the top 10 purchases of my life.

Short Sleeve Collar Jumper - a game changer.

3. Remember how I was like "you just wanna wear an oversize sweatshirt".. well here's your next best option. AN OVERSIZED T-SHIRT DRESS! If you get the right one (like the one pictured) and buy it a few sizes up, you will literally feel like you're wearing a huge t-shirt... because you are. Just dress it up with shoes instead of slippers, a cute jacket, some hair accessories, or whatever you can manage and you have a full on trendy outfit. It's that easy. No pressure, no stress.

Shop Here:

The Perfect T-Shirt Dress (2 colors, size up to make oversized) (pictured below)

The Perfect T-Shirt Dress Plus

Oversized T-Shirt Dress (tons of colors)

4. The final and easiest way to look better and feel better when you're struggling is just give in and wear sweats. But wear a sweat set! You will look like you tried, you will feel like you tried, but you really didn't try. Focus on healing yourself boo.

Shop Here:

Cozy Hoodie Sweat Set

Active Wear Set (tons of colors)

Sporty Chic Set

This exact one actually sucks, but you get the point. But it's not linked.

If you're struggling, know so many other people are struggling with you. I asked my followers to give me their best advice so I'm sharing it with you:

1. Ask for help. From God, family, friends and/or a professional.

2. FEEL the emotions so you can deal with them.

3. Don't be afraid to cut anyone toxic out of your life. Doesn't matter if they understand or not.

4. Eat healthy food and drink tons of water.

5. Exercise

6. Take time off and let yourself heal.

7. Never EVER struggle alone.

Call the suicide prevention hotline if you are in immediate crisis: 1-800-273-8255

Thank you for reading and coming on this journey with me. As always, reach out if you have any comments, concerns or questions. DM me on Instagram or shoot me an email.

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