Updated: May 24, 2019

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How To: Get a Swim Suit Body...PUT A SWIM SUIT ON YOUR BODY

That's one of my favorite things I've read all year!

As a stylist, the hardest part of my job is avoiding coming off like I'm telling a client they should look or dress a certain way.

Yes, I talk so much smack on bermuda shorts... but if they make you feel sexy and powerful, WEAR THEM!... I just doubt that 🙃

This blog is going to be a swim suit guide. A guide made for women who feel like they need guidance, but as a disclaimer, WEAR WHATEVER THE H*LL YOU WANT!

Sorry if that was aggressive. Just love yourself ok. Shop ALL the links tagged, even if they aren't grouped with your own body shape. They're all super flattering and cute tbh.

Step One: Take my free Body Shape Analysis

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Why is important to know your body shape? To be 100% honest, it's not. BUT it can be helpful if you struggle with not knowing why certain things look 'good' on everyone but you.

Dressing for your body shape just means you're balancing out 'the look' of your body.

Heavy on top? Heavy on the bottom? Heavy in the middle?

There are specific ways to dress that will make your body look symmetrical, which has been scientifically proven to be more aesthetically pleasing to the human eye... which is why you feel your best when you look good.

So that's what I'm here to do, help you love the way you look.

Step Two: Shop



If you're like me and you're pear shaped, that means your junk is on your bottom half. Wait, I hate the phrase "junk"... I'm going to call it jewels from here on out. You can pretty much wear anything, but be cautious when picking out one-pieces. If you get one that's too plain, it can make your mid-section look like a teletubby.

If you want to hide your hips, try this magical look called a peplum tankini.

Shop Here:

My All Time Fav

Black Tankini -A solid color on top and black on the bottom is so flattering!

Print Tankini

High Hip One-Piece -Just a plain ole one piece that isn't too low on this hips is perfect for your pear self!

Plus Versions

Plus Tankini

Plus Tankini


The best thing you can do is take emphasis away from your jewels up top and make it appear like you have more jewels on your bottom half!

Shop Here:

Skirt Swim Suit- Having a wide bottom to your swim suit will make your body "even out".

Add-on Skirt- HACK, just buy a swim suit skirt and add it to any suit you already have!


If you're a ruler, it's up to you what you want to do with your shape. If you want to emphasize what you got goin' on, just wear any simple suit! If you want to add some curves to your shape, a peplum or anything with shape added to the design will do the trick.

Shop Here:

Cute Ruffle Sleeve Suit

Geometric Design Suit

Plus Version

Bi-Colored- You're lucky, you can wear a shapeless bathing suit and still look cute! The colors on this one add a simple fun flare to an otherwise basic look.


Girl, you gotta show off what you already have going for ya!

Keep it simple. Show off them curves! Peplum will do wonders for you too!

Shop Here:

My All Time Fav - I wear this one allllll the time! It makes me feel sexy and put together.

Flattering Print Suit (plus)

B&W Wrap Suit

Peplum Tankini Print


If you're an apple, you face the same "issues" as rulers do. Only, you need to focus on proportions. Try these suits to add some shape to your body.

Shop Here:

Striped Plunging Suit- The straps and twists help create a shape to your hips!

Tummy Twist Suit- Conceal your tummy with the twist in the middle of this suit!

I really hope this helped! I highly encourage you to shop through the suits outside of your own body shape... because they're all extremely cute and flattering!

Don't forget to love yourself!

Please reach out and DM me on Instagram here to ask for more help!

If you need more sizes, or have any requests, DM me or email me here.

Thanks for reading and following along babe!

Xoxo, Meredith

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