The Agape Acronym

I’m not authorized in anyway to speak upon what Agape believes in or stands for, they just keep me busy typing. Regardless, I don’t care. This is the acronym for Agape that I, Nicholas Lincoln Donly, came up with. Meredith can write that check out to the aforementioned name later.

Affordable, Glow, Accessorize, Pizzazz, Enthusiasm

A -Affordable

There’s a reason that ‘Affordable’ is first. Everything following this will have a silent Affordable before it. Example: (Affordable) Glow, (Affordable) Accessories, (Affordable) Pizzazz, (Affordable) Enthusiasm. You shouldn’t have to sell your soul and go broke to look cute. With the proper patience, research and planning, you can have the wardrobe of your dreams, no matter your income.

Side note: When you see something you want, don’t immediately pull the trigger like you’re LAPD. Chances are there are multiple websites selling the exact item for a cheaper price. ALWAYS cross check unfamiliar websites, scammers gotta put food on the table too. Another thing before you buy, use Google to find codes at checkout! If this sounds like common sense, you’re doing better than you think.

G - Glow

If you’re familiar hearing these two words: “Heyyyy Guysss” it’s because of the countless makeup tutorials throughout YouTube, although mind-numbing to watch, most of us continue to click the like button below and subscribe. But makeup is oh-so dangerous for the skin, if you wanna age beautifully and carry the Glow-Up into your geriatrics, listen up:

Avoid alcohol in your skincare and makeup products, it will dry out your skin and give you a premature aging look.

Avoid using sugar scrubs on your skin, use salt scrubs instead.

Exfoliate twice a week.

For product using chemicals that will go on your skin but not in the pores on your skin, make sure all of your makeup is noncomedogenic.

At only the age of 30 your skin starts to age, but using anti-aging products by the time you’re 25, you have a better chance of beating Father Time.

Don’t wear makeup if you don’t have to, your beauty comes naturally.

A - Accessorize

When in doubt, standout!

For any finishing touch, accessorize! Even if you’re wallet watching, there are budget-friendly websites such as e-Bay & Etsy to accommodate any of your accessory needs. When you shop for accessories, it’s always important to buy items that fit YOU. Necklaces, rings, purses, bracelets, you name it; those pieces usually reflect your personality and interest. Be yourself and let your freak flag blow carelessly in the wind!

P - Pizzazz

As mentioned earlier, when in doubt, standout!

Pizzazz is an attitude, a state of mind that reflects on how you dress. With pizzazz, you ain’t afraid to back that azz up. You walk it faster than you talk it, the world is yours for the taking. When you possess pizzazz, YOU make the outfit and not the other way around. People will remember you for you and not for what you were wearing, which should always be a top priority. Standout out by sticking to what you believe, standout by refusing to sit down, standout because you know your worth. That’s pizzazz.

E - Enthusiasm

Be excited for what you wear! If you’re not excited when you buy a new outfit and imagine how good you’re gonna look posted up on IG, you wasted your time and money. We’ve all had buyer’s regret, but that’s normal. If you come to love every bit of fabric you own, you’re only going to build onto that and be the best fashionista! You will never have a bad wardrobe day when you love what you wear and who you are!

Thank you and god bless!

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