With Thanksgiving right around the corner, hopefully you’re prepared - fridge stocked up to make it through all your family rounds, the Instagram / Twitter “grateful” posts (even though the theme is “thankful,” please educate a B this year) to clog your feed. That warm, fuzzy feeling we receive when we’re reminded for all the things to be thankful for in our lives; that is until the clock strikes midnight, when Capitalism rears it’s ugly head and screams, “BLACK FRIDAY!”( yes, Agape Shoppe included).

As a pescatarian, Thanksgiving is lame. As a history buff, Thanksgiving is a lie. As someone that appreciates a fresh getup, I present to you, Thanksclothing. Here are some outfits I’m thankful for:

Oversized T-Shirt x Undersized Sweatshirt/Hoodie x Skinny Jeans

Add some Vans or Converse to the mix, a snapback if you’re feeling yourself.

High-Waist Jean Shorts x Crop Top x Flannel Button Down

If it’s not too cold, replace the high-waist jean shorts with high-waist skinny jeans for more of a Fall or modest look. Other than that, the outfit is retired till Spring.

Yoga Pants x Sneakers

Smirking emoji, who doesn’t love this look? This getup makes me thankful I’m not blind.

Black Skinny Jeans x Graphic T-Shirt x Bomber Jacket

Something casual, affordable and most importantly, fashionable. Checkout Agape Shoppe, ASOS, H&M, Tillys etc.

Oversized T-Shirt x Thigh High Socks x Glasses

Wanna look cute while cozying up to a good book? Here’s the look.

Bodycon Dress x Suede & Laced Pointed Booties

Yes, just yes.

High-Waist Skinny Jeans x Windbreaker x Timberland Boots

I recommend this look for all the shorties. You’ll definitely get a double take from me, maaa.

However, the outfit I’m forever thankful for: Anderson Paak’s wardrobe in the “Scared Money” music video. If you’re not familiar, the video is an ode to the timeless 2002 flick “Paid in Full” - Paak is wearing a roll neck sweater to compliment a denim jacket, accessories include: gold chains and a flat cap. Yes Lawd!

See for yourself:

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