Teams With Jerseys Worth Rooting For

Who said sports jerseys aren’t in style? With the NFL playoffs in full swing, the NBA season reaching the halfway mark, and baseball season around the corner; here are some teams (or former teams) to root for because win or lose, they score style points.

Cincinnati Bengals

Having Jerry Springer on city council in the early 70s a was cool look, but Cincinnati’s proudest look comes from their Bengals. One of the more unique jerseys in all of sports. Orange, black, and white. Although it’s not the jersey that makes this team stand out, it’s the black Tony the Tiger striped helmet. They’re great.

Jersey to Cop: Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson, #85

Toronto Raptors

Those 1996 Barney jerseys were ill. Perfectly stitched imperfection. Purple pinstripe jersey with an oversized red dinosaur trying to dribble a basketball. Vince Carter, the human highlight reel, brainwashed us into believing the look. In 2018, they launched their Drake-inspired OVO jersey. Black and gold, a six-point chevron arrow to represent the number of boroughs in Toronto.

Jerseys to Cop: Vince Carter, #15 Kawhi Leonard, #2

Oakland Raiders

Soon to be the Vegas Raiders, which oddly enough, still sounds good rolling off the tongue. The intimidating Black & Silver have struck fear in the hearts of opponents for the better part of a century. Raider Nation started an entire hip-hop movement in the late 80s and early 90s.

Jerseys to Cop: Bo Jackson, #34

Lester Hayes, #37 Marcus Allen, #32 Marshawn Lynch, #24

Brooklyn Dodgers

The look is next to identical in LA, but the gray baseball jersey with Brooklyn stitched in blue across the front is something profound.

Jersey to Cop: Jackie Robinson, #42

Chicago Bulls

In particular, the Cursive Hardwood Classics. Flashbacks of MJ soaring, looking like he could go 1-on-1 with Superman in the blood-red jersey with Chicago stitched in black across the chest. Nostalgic.

Jersey to Cop: Michael Jordan, #23

Seattle Supersonics

All you gotta do is read the name once and you’re a fan. With the primary colors being green, white, and gold, it would blinding if it were any other team. I loved this organization’s originality. In 2008, the Seattle Supersonics became the Oklahoma City Thunder. New team. New colors. New bland and boring jerseys.

Jerseys to Cop: Kevin Durant (rookie), #35 Ray Allen, #34 Shawn Kemp, #40 Gary Payton, #20

New York Yankees

27 rings and prestige.

Jerseys to Cop: Take your pick.

Colin Kaepernick

That blacked out number 7 Niners jersey for the perfect militant look.

New Orleans Saints

This might be biased, as I’m a diehard Who Dat, but that Black & Gold is the cleanest. Whether it’s the home black and gold; the away white, black, and gold; those color rush white and gold jerseys; you can’t deny the drip. Get yourself a jersey because the Saints are marching their way to the Super Bowl in 2019.

Jerseys to Cop: Drew Brees, #9 Michael Thomas, #13 Alvin Kamara, #41 Mark Ingram, #22 Cameron Jordan, #94