SUMMER WEDDING CHECKLIST | How To: Dress Modestly for your 1,000 Summer Weddings without Doubling-Up

Updated: May 30, 2019

Ahhh, weddings season is upon us! Not that I personally notice, because myself and all my close friends are single af. But from what I see on Instagram, most people have a TON of weddings to go to in the summer months!

One of the most requested events from followers and clients have been summer wedding outfits. So I complied another checklist (because that's kinda my thing) of modest outfits to wear to your summer weddings without having to buy 100 different dresses!

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Second, one thing I PREACH in my practice and soon to be * Agape School of Style * (COMING JUNE 2019!!!!) is how to make your wardrobe versatile! That means, all your clothes go with each other. That means, you save time, money, and energy. The best way to do this is to color scheme your wardrobe. Click here to watch my video lesson on this! It's insanely helpful, BUT not for everyone and I get that. But you should at least have a theme to your wardrobe. Stay tuned for the launch of my first course to learn exactly how to come up with yours.



Chances are if you're going to a wedding, you have to bring a gift. Help your bride out and get her what she really needs. Everything But the Dress has everything you need to make sure your bride feels seen and appreciated.

Bridal Survival Kits, because she doesn't really need a blender... but she will need some of this. This kit is a genius idea to combat the unexpected that is expected on wedding day.

Keep it simple, these Wifey Bracelets are simple and chic, but something she can wear the rest of her life.

From what I can tell, girls who get married love broadcasting the fact that someone decided to spend forever with them...........can't relate. But help them out! This Wifey Tee is so cute and she can, and trust me, she will wear it forever. Last but not least, this "MRS" Embroidered Hat is another gift that's not only affordable, but something she can wear * hopefully * the rest of her life! But specifically on her honeymoon to cover that unwashed hair ;-)


The first, and easiest way to avoid buying 100 dresses for all of your weddings this summer is to buy a few simple ones that can be accessorized differently so no one can tell you're wearing the same dress. Here are my top two recommendations on how to do this.

1. A basic casual dress in a neutral color. This way, you can dress it up with a hat, earrings, scarves, hair scarves, these big clips that are trending at the moment, different shoe styles, etc. If you haven't, go shop my Summer Accessory Checklist and find everything you need to change up the look of your basic dress.

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Casual Dress

2. A suspender or spaghetti strap dress is another method that allows you to mix up your outfits by "accessorizing". Here's how; CHANGE UP THE SHIRT UNDERNEATH. This is such a simple but highly effective way to wear the same dress many.. many times. Buy a dress, again, in a neutral color and switch up the shirt you wear underneath it.

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Spaghetti Dress