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One of my absolute favorite things about summer is all of the accessories that are socially acceptable to wear!!!

Side note: I don't ever encourage NOT wearing something because it's not socially acceptable. (sorry for the quadruple negatives)

HATS, BAGS, SUNGLASSES, JEWELRY ! All of the good things! ... all of the things I wear all year 'round and get weird looks for. [Alexa, play I wear my sunglasses at night] Or inside if you're my dad.

I paired each accessory with it's perfect mate, what kind of stylist would I be without giving you a full fit?!


My blog is NOT meant as a place for me to share my thoughts, it's purely to get educated on trends and

S H O P 😜

So let's get to it.


The Slogan Beach Hat

Yeah I know, they're insanely cheesy. But that's what summer fashion is for. There's no better way to flex on your Facebook friends/ Instagram follows than to post a photo of you on the beach with a hat that says "Always on Vacation". Yeah girl! Go ahead and pretend like you don't work a

Shop Here:

Slogan Beach Hat

Pair With:

Striped One Piece

White Straw Hat

No, not that kind of straw hat.. . * NO BANJO REQUIRED * I'm not even kidding, these are so freaking cute!!! You can wear this anywhere, not just to the beach. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed. If you don't like the white, the shop-able link has some other cute colors.

Shop Here:

Straw Hat

Pair With:

Flowy Dress

Light Brown Fedora

I literally hate calling these hats fedoras... because they're not the 'ma lady' kind, they're the cute kind. Also if you don't know what a 'ma lady guy' is... google it. These can go with ANY OUTFIT. They've been my top sellers as of recently. Don't think, just buy.

Shop Here:

Brown Fedora

Pair With:

T-Shirt Midi Dress


The Classic Aviators

Aviators are a classic for a reason... they can be worn dressed up, dressed down, or literally in your PJs. They work for almost every face shape. The ones I tagged come with two.. so you're welcome.

Shop Here:


Pair With:

An Edgy Over-Sized Tee

Big Ole Bug Eyes

Not to brag, but I've been rocking these since I was 11 and did not give a FRICK if anyone made fun of me. Big bug eye sun glasses have always made me feel so glam and powerful. Be bold. Be brave. I dare you to try these out.

P.s. they're not really called bug eye sunglasses. But that's what people would call me when I wore them so... screw the haters. I'm taking "bug eye" back.

Shop Here:

Bug Eye Sunglasses

Pair With:

A Bossy Kimono

Oversized Cat Eyes

Ya'll know I'm a crazy cat lady. But that's not why I support these... or... maybe it is.

They truly transform every face shape to look powerful and snatched. My most complimented accessory is the one I'm about to tag (in brown).

Shop Here:

Cat Eyes

Pair With:

Faux Button Skirt

Statement Earrings, ANYONE can rock these. Don't be scared.

They're also super affordable.. like CRAZY affordable..

Like.. $2... You don't have an excuse anymore, sorry.

Oversized Statement Earrings

What's my thing about over-sized accessories? I guess I'm just not a minimal person. If you don't feeling like wearing a lot of color, or anything intricate, just throw on some big earrings! BAM, put-together.

Shop Here:

Statement Earrings

Pair With:

A Casual LBD

Long Colorful Tassels

Yes, every girl wears these. But am I tired of them?! NO. If everyone's doing something, it's probably a good idea, right?! 😏 They add some serious flare to any outfit and they're just so summery!

Shop Here:

Tassel Earrings

Pair With:

Plain White Tee

Thin Hoops

I'm a Jersey girl at heart, so it makes me SO happy that hoops are in and will be for the foreseeable future. Thin hoops will always be classy. Plus, if you're out of dry shampoo and need to throw your hair up, hoops are PERFECT to "dress" your look up. Or.. just make it look like you tried. You go Glen CoCo.

Shop Here:

Thin Hoops

Pair With:

A Cute Pony ;)


Wide Strap Sandals

Just like Bermudas, I do not promote or support flip flops. Unless you wanna look like your dad in his backyard BBQing... don't do it sweetie. Wide strap sandals are comfortable but still trendy and versatile. The one's I'm tagging are elastic. So, yeah.

Shop Here:

Elastic Sandals

Pair With:

A Ruffly One Piece

Chunky Heels

These shoes are the heels for the girl who doesn't feel confident wearing heels. These are super easy to walk in, match everything, and can be part of your Sunday best, just worn to hangout with your girlfriends, for your bridesmaids, to wear to that wedding, etc. Issa serious ESSENTIAL.

Shop Here:

Chunky Heels

Pair With:

Flowy Tie Pants

Lastly, White Birkenstocks

Yes, I'm calling these out by brand. White shoes are so on trend for summer, Birks are the best possible quality sandal (while not being HIDEOUS). These shoes are the kind you can literally wear everyday and not feel bad because they go with EVERYTHING!

Shop Here:

White Birks

Pair With:

Casual Dress

I lied about the "lastly" part. I have some more essentials that you NEED.

A self tanner. This is the best kind. No streaks, great color, and it develops progressively.

Bright Lipstick!! Which is great for any season, but some light, bright colors on your lips are a great way to express yourself!

A straw bag. I'm freaking obsessed with this trend. It's just cute and summery af.

I hope this helped!

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Enjoy, girl!



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