Post-Midterms: Bless This Wardrobe of a Mess (America)

Shoutout if you voted. Shoutout if your vote counted more because you posted an “I voted” sticker on whatever social media platform. With that being said, the devil wears Prada and politicians are snakes in suits. Let’s breakdown which ones wear it blehhh (the majority) and which ones look superb while deceiving us all. I’m not leaning Left or Right with this, as I lost all faith in humanity and politics years ago. Let’s begin!


Donald Trump

 My mom was a school teacher as well as a single mother, so growing up money was tight. My mom being the religious fanatic she is, we never missed church. But remember, money was tight and you gotta look fresh for Jesus, so what was the solution? She would buy my Sunday clothes two sizes too big and say I’d grow into them. That’s how our president dresses. I wouldn’t be surprised if that oversized tie was a clip on.

Bernie Sanders

This one pains me, but fair is fair. As much as I love Bernie, at any given time he could have a mustard stain on his shirt and would never notice.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sarah Sanders dresses like Permit Patty meets the lady that’s never satisfied with her Culver’s order and needs to speak with a manager at once.

Gina M Raimondo

This one is a wildcard, you may not know of Gina but one quick Google search and you will see the Rhode Island governor has swag-jacked the f**k outta Hillary Clinton. She’s a lovely lady though, shouts to Gina M Raimondo.

Chris Christie

Where do I begin? Good ole Chris Christie! If you’re not familiar with the former New Jersey (keywords: New Jersey) governor, he’s the dude that implemented a state government shutdown, which ultimately closed the beach to the public. Flyover cameras caught Christie and his family using the shutdown beach as their own. Google image what I’m talking about, I still have night terrors about Christie on the beach.



The tan suit. Need I say more?

Mitt Romney

The 2012 presidential debates, the simplicity in knowing that no matter the outcome, America would have a well dressed president. Where did we go wrong?

Justin Trudeau

The real reason I’m moving to Canada.

Laura Chinchill

Yes, Michelle Obama is my celebrity crush (and if Barack ever blows it, you best believe I’m stepping in), but the former Costa Rica president is a close second. The best way to describe Laura’s style is that it’s Jackie Onassis-esque.

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