New Year, New Wardrobe: What Should Stay in 2018

New Years Eve is possibly the most overrated day of the year; we either like to pretend our scummy year was full of joy, or we think we had a torturous year when in reality it wasn’t all that bad (you survived). We stay up till midnight to watch a ball drop, and if you don’t live back east, it’s just a rerun of a ball dropping. Our resolutions are always out of reach, we forget our resolution should be tiny steps towards a bigger goal. Now with all that said, I have seasonal depression and I rest my case.

Without further ado, here are some outfits we should store away in the 2018 closet, never to return.

That Flamed Thrasher Tee

Maybe it would be cool if everyone and their baby mom’s didn’t have one, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Be original in 2019, don’t grab the first shirt you see at the mall.

Denim Joggers

There’s a thin line between elastic waist jeans and denim joggers. If that doesn’t bother you, you’re beyond my reach.

Small Glasses

I guess this is a thing now.


I didn’t think I had to say this, but I guess this generation is lost in translation. If you thought not wearing Crocs was one of society’s unspoken rules, you may need to recheck. The reemergence is back, thanks to people like Post Malone, with his signature Croc shoe. We should leave Post in 2018, and while we’re on topic, that brings us to our next item...


If you’re not familiar, consider your 2018 blessed, skip ahead to remain unbothered. We all know a scumbro, that guy who choreographed/premeditated a trashy look. WITH THE INTENTION TO LOOK THAT WAY.


They’re pretty popular right now, so I’m going against the grain, but they’re ugly as all hell. If they dirty, you will look and smell of garbage.

Platform Shoes

Unless you’re short and trying to appear tall, it’s a no.

All the Baggage

Pain is part of the human experience. Whether you’ve been hurt or you’re afraid of being hurt, let go. Leave every piece of baggage at terminal pickup and live your best life. You’re amazing, clearly you’re reading my blog, you’re doing something right. Thank you for reading my 2018 work (all 10 posts), I’ll work that much come midnight. Happy New Year!

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