Ins & Outs: 50 First Dates

The feeling of achievement that comes with scoring a date, particularly the enticing eye-candy of a ​Tinder​ match acknowledging your existence; all those mandatory HR sexual harassment meetings must’ve missed you, a euphoric bolt surges through your veins when that cute co-worker smiles as they say, “Saturday night works.”

There are countless ways to get a date, so if you’re the hotshot type, you need to calm down and focus on baking the cake before preparing for the icing on top. Foundation is key, and the foundation for any successful date is dressing the part. First impressions are a one time thing, here are some guidelines:

Color Coordinate

What was the first thing your mama drilled into your head from day one? MATCH. MATCH. MATCH. If your pants are a light color, your shoes should reflect that. I’ve already said this before, match colors and not patterns.

Don’t Leave Your Outfit Uncompleted

Accessorize! Jewelry, glasses, scarfs, chokers, belts, hats, etc.

But Leave Your Patagonia at Home

For some awful reason, people wear camping apparel for casual outfits.

Look Bomb With a Bomber Jacket

Your date will wanna defuse your situation.

Don’t Forget to Buckle Up

If you’re going to tuck your shirt in, it’s a an absolute MUST that you wear a belt. This rule applies mainly to men, but there’s nothing more boss than a woman with a nice belt around her waist.

Check Yes to a Sweater Dress

Perfect for Fall dates.

Check No to Corduroy

Don’t get me wrong, corduroy can look cool but anything and everything will get stuck to your corduroys. If you go against my wisdom, have a lint roller on deck.

Not Just Any Hat

This is tricky. Dad hats are cute, as long as they’re well kept and original. It’s Fall, therefore beanies are in as well.

Opinionated T-Shirts Don’t Guarantee First Impressions

I absolutely LOVE opinionated t-shirts that raise social awareness, but not everybody is willing to die for your cause, that might include your date. They might have a preconceived notion about whatever you’re wearing, which will make them less prone to seeing you as the amazing person you are.

If you’re really about a cause, don’t just wear it but actually be about it. T-shirts will raise awareness and turn heads, but they won’t educate the ignorance in the world. If you wear your heart out for the world to see the right people will fall into your life, regardless of the clothes you wear.


Whatever you decide to wear, wear it with confidence. I mentioned accessories earlier, but confidence is the accessory that will stand out and glisten above all. Own it! It’s just a first date, don’t stress for things to be perfect, have fun and enjoy the free meal out of it.