How To: Stay Modest This Summer | A Checklist

Updated: May 16, 2019

It’s so hard to be modest in the summer girl, I see you!!! It feels like you’re destined to wear Bermuda shorts (😨😭🤮) or sweat through your jeans.

Well I’m here to tell you that you’re WRONG.

As a personal stylist specializing in modest clothing, I knew [my marketing girl Bobbie told me], I had to come up with something to help guide you in the summer months.

Repeat after me, you.can.dress.cute.and.modest.without.being.frumpy. 👏🏻

Here’s how...

Let’s start with the tops.

1. A Tie-Top

Not only are tie tops super trendy at the moment, but they are super flattering for most body types! It’s like a French tuck without having to tuck! The knot pulls in the waist making you look snatched where it matters.

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Tie Top

2. Stripped Bell-Sleeve Top

No, it doesn‘t have to be striped. But those are definitely on freaking trend at the moment… prob because they’re so cute!

The bell-sleeves are great because they make the sleeve looser, so the shirt is long and doesn’t clench your arm but at the same time adds a cute flirty look to your otherwise basic top.

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Striped Bell-Sleeve Top

3. Ruffle Sleeve Top

Can you tell I just hate when shirts touch my arms? I really hate it, and most women I talk to agree with me. The ruffle sleeve top is the perfect solution. No need for a tank top when your sleeves are so flowy they almost create their own breeze!

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Ruffle Sleeve Top

4. A Loose Graphic Tee

This can be like a casual version of number one, if you tie it at the waist. A graphic tee is a fun and cute way to express yourself and your personality. Spring/Summer ’19 fashion totally permits dressing up graphic tees! Pair them with anything [ skirt at church or distressed jeans for a date ].

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Loose Graphic Tee

Next up, Skirts.

1. The Button-Up Midi Skirt

I mean, we’re talking about modesty so all of these skirts are going to be midi skirts. But the buttons are just fun!! They don’t add a style hack, they’re just freaking fun, young, and cute.

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Button-Up Midi Skirt

2. Animal Print/Leopard Print Skirt

It’s nothing new that animal print has been taking over since October 2018. I’m sure you’ve seen your favorite Pinterest star rocking this look, so go for it! Doesn’t have to be leopard though, I just made myself a mean looking cow-print skirt 🤷🏻🐮

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Animal Print Leopard Skirt 

3. Pop of Color A-Line Skirt

It’s not by accident my style packs include a pop of color in the form of a skirt. I love a good, loud a-line. Why? Maybe because traditionally they’re muted and boring, and I want to take back modesty. Or maybe just because they make you look long and like you have your life together. Either one.

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