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If you saw my Instagram story yesterday, then you saw my adventures in the dressing room trying on different jeans...

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P.s. the shirt I'm wearing means "I love me" and you can get one from my dear friend Tori's shop here.

The point of doing that was to encourage women wear their 'true size' [the size that fits your body] instead of the size they have come to identify with. One of the questions I get asked most frequently is "how do I find what style best fits my body?". While there are correct answers for this question (take my free body shape analysis and i'll send you a shopping list specific to your body shape), my answer usually is, make sure you're wearing the right size. If something is too small, you'll look bigger than you are... and if something is too big, you'll look bigger than you are. When you wear your TRUE SIZE you will complement your already perfect body.

Anyways, what I ended up finding was that whether I tried on a size four, six, or eight they all fit the same... and were all SUPER tight. And if you're thinking.. uh then you should wear a ten Meredith, you're wrong. My body technically measures for a 4/6. There's no reason a six or eight should be tight. Actually, the two size eights I tried on were tighter than the fours and sixes. There's NO reason for that besides trash manufacturing.

All the jeans I tried on were from different brands, were different cuts, rises, and styles.

HOW do we have this much inconsistency in the denim industry?!

I don't have time for inconsistency. So maybe I'm dramatic... but I decided to never try to wear jeans ever again.

[I barely did anyway]

Here's a guide to help you NEVER wear real pants ever again.

1. Leggings.. obvi.

I'm sure you have a pair of black leggings... if you don't I'm not sure I can trust you.

Jk but here's a some if you need a 10th pair ;-)

Shop Here:

Plain Black Leggings

Black leggings are my favorite, but, I have recently had my life changed by knee-hole leggings 😯

I love a good black knee-hole jean lewk but those are canceled, remember??

I got mine from Dressed in Lala and I love them! But, they're sold out in every size but a large.

So Shop Here:

Knee-Hole Leggings

Lastly, leggings don't have to just be black. Mix it up a little! (JUST FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THINGS LIVING DO NOT WEAR NUDE LEGGINGS)

I love the look of animal print leggings. I'm extra enough that leopard print is just a neutral to me.

Shop Here:

Animal Print Leggings

Snake Skin Leggings

2. Flowy [Palazzo] Pants/Jumpers

Flowy pants are my solution for everything. They're elastic, stretchy, and therefore comfortable. Some even have drawstrings so you can adjust your pant size according to your dinner size 😎

Black and white veriticle stripes are my favorite style because they make your legs look twenty miles long!

Shop Here:

B&W Palazzo Pants - these also come in a yummy pink and other colors!

They don't have to be striped. They can just be flowy and frilly pants! These next pants are soo cute! But, there's a big long slit, which is SO annoying if you're trying to be modest. So I attached my fav biker shorts to wear under these next pants.

Shop Here:

Flowy Frilly Pants

Biker Shorts

Flowy jumpers have the same comfy affect. They are loose and flowy, but still look like you have your life together. Let's be real, that's what we're all trying to convey.

Shop Here:

Comfy Jumper

Jumper for Short Girls ... I see y'all

3. Dresses/Skirts

The obvious answer to giving up pants is to just wear dresses. Since an alternative to "real pants" is focused on casual looks, I'm going to keep it casual with these dresses and skirts.

Which leads me to something I've had linked with almost every blog so far.. so if you don't have a t-shirt dress yet, girl, what is u doin. They're loose and flowy and comfy, but still super casual, especially when paired with some cute white sneakers.

Shop Here:

Mid-Calf Dress

Knee-Length Dress

And finally, a comfy cotton skirt is a great alternative and will keep your whole outfit cute AND casual. If you don't have one, I highly suggest investing in one!

Shop Here

Casual Skirt

I hope this helped! Please remember that the number on your pants does not define you!!!!!!!!

Being reminded of the extreme sizing inconsistencies in women's pants is an even better reason to not give a crap about what number is on your pants! It means nothing.

If you need any help or different sizing, reach out! Click "Let's Chat" or DM me on Instagram @agapebymeredith

Enjoy, girl!



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