How To: Hack Amazon Fashion

If you ask me "where'd you get that?!", referring to something I'm wearing- 9/10 times my answer will be "Amazon!". That answer is always followed by this look...

Confusion and judgment. I have been buying my clothes from Amazon Fashion basically since it existed. I am here to break the stigma around buying clothes off of amazon and help you utilize the beauty that is Amazon Fashion.

Reasons Amazon Fashion is amazing:

*disclaimer, you have to have Amazon Prime to utilize most of these benefits. If you're an adult you should already have prime because why would you sleep on that...................But if you don't, just use a friend's.

1. FREE 1 or 2 Day Shipping.

Do I even need to write an explanation here? I can't shop anywhere else online because I can't fathom finding something cute and waiting more than two days to receive it. It's FREE!!!!!! Imagine, finding something you love, something you neeeeed and then getting it LITERALLY THE NEXT DAY. 2019 is amazing y'all.

2. It's Affordable

Again, does this need an explanation? Not only will your new 'fit come the next day but it was probably under $30... Oh, and shipping was free so your purchase was actually $30. There's no hidden fees with Amazon Fashion. Is there anything worse than checking out online, thinking your total is about $25 and all of the sudden at checkout you owe $34.89 because of shipping, taxes, and all their added fees for who knows what...? Nah. -_-

3. Access to Hundreds of Thousands of Clothing Labels

The other perks are nice, obviously, but this is the most important benefit. Affordable clothes are great. Free/fast shipping is great. But if the clothes suck then all of that is pointless. Lemme break down exactly how Amazon Prime/Amazon Fashion works real quick- Amazon Prime is just a fulfillment service for brands. That means a brand has a product and they basically hire Amazon to take care of the fulfillment process. The brand sends Amazon their product and Amazon takes care of storage, packing, and shipping for that brand. As well as hosting the item on their website and providing the brand with an online selling platform. When you're buying clothes from Amazon you're not buying an Amazon sweater, you're buying a sweater from the clothing label that created it, Amazon is just the company sending it to you.

A few other reasons Amazon Fashion is great-another service Amazon Fashion offers is Prime Wardrobe. Before you pay for an item, you can have it shipped to you so you can try it on and decide if you want to keep it or send it back. SO NICE.)

Lastly, their customer service is amazing and their returns and exchanges process is effortless. It's always free, you almost always get a refund, and all you have to do is drop off your item at a UPS store.

Okay, let's get into the hacking part.

The number one complaint I hear about buying clothes from Amazon Fashion is a concern over sizing and quality. Whenever clothes are affordable and online, you should always do some investigating before spending your money. To be honest, I'm pretty risky on Amazon because of how easy it is to return an item if it's not what I wanted, but that can also be a waste of time, so it's better to eliminate that risk all together. The easiest way to do this is to read the reviews. Actually, that's the only way to do it. If a clothing item is credible, the reviews will RAVE about it. I don't buy anything that doesn't have at least 3 reviews, but most items that are legit will have at least 20 with an average 4-5 stars. A lot of reviewers will also post pictures of themselves in the item so you can see what it looks like "in person". This method works for finding great items and terrible items. If a piece of clothing is low quality or has wonky sizing the reviews will tell you that as well. ALWAYS read the reviews. The item may be fine quality-wise, but you can also learn if you should size up or down / how the item fits.

Now that you understand the beauty that is Amazon Fashion, gear-up because my next blog will be all about how to build your dream fall wardrobe using Amazon Fashion. Like this fit right here:


Blazer Dress [worn here as a jacket]

Black Jeggings

Black Booties