Halloween Edition: Tricks on Looking Like a Treat

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

For some, Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season. For others, it’s the on-switch for seasonal depression. If you can’t relate, where does that leave you? Somewhere in between watching an unhealthy amount of Hocus Pocus/preparing for trick-or-treaters by turning off all lights and popping an Ambien. Whatever your stance on Halloween is, Agape Shoppe is the connect with the tricks for your treat.

First things first: I have to give thanks to my amazing girlfriend, Alex Trujillo (@alextrujillo24._), this post wouldn’t be possible without her help. MAC certified with a passion for FX, she knows a thing or two about making any costume stand out with the magic of makeup.


Boo out on a budget: Create your look with what you already have at the crib, by using eyeshadow palettes and makeup lying around. Wet the brush for a more intense color.

Treat yourself: With quality primer, if you cheap out or skip priming altogether, the consequence will be you, sweating off your makeup prematurely. Although it is original, you don’t want to bar hop as melted ice cream. Recommendation: Smashbox Photo Finish.

Don’t fuss, just brush: I’ve watched enough Bob Ross to know that brushes matter when it comes to finishing touches. Recommendation: Morpheor EcoTools.

PSA: Diversify your brushes and know how to use them.

Synthetic brushes: For creams.

Natural brushes: For powders.

Stippling brushes: For foundation and concealer.

PSA: Vampire teeth adhesives come out with alcohol.

Makeup FX


Latex: You can use liquid latex for everything, but use caution as it can ruin anything (hair, carpet, etc). Make sure you have paper towels on deck.

Open wounds (using liquid latex):

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of liquid latex.

Step 2: Attach single ply toilet paper over the thin layer of latex.

Step 3: Brush translucent powder (or corn starch) over it. Note: The latex is sure to ruin your brush, so don’t use anything expensive.

Step 4: Be careful as you’re about to cut down the middle, for that open wound effect.

Step 5: Apply liquid foundation to match your skin tone on the toilet paper around the open wound. It doesn’t have to be perfect if you intend on using fake blood.

Step 6: Use cream color down the slit of your open wound.

Step 7: Cut off any excessive latex you find unnecessary. Be careful.

Step 8: Go to town with fake blood.

To create a bloody, gory effect, soak a small piece of cotton in fake blood and put it inside the fake wound. This will give the outcome something deep and gross.

If you’re allergic to latex, don’t fret, nose and scar wax are preferable over liquid latex. You can mold wax, skipping the back and forth layers that comes with liquid latex. Ben Nyeis the brand you should buy for all your wax needs.

For a fresher looking wound: Use one layer of red or pink (depending on the outcome you want) lip crayon. Apply 5-10 layers of Mehron’s Rigid Collodion over the lip crayon.

Mehron’s Spirit Gumis a good adhesive for makeup prosthetics. If you want the look of aged scaring, use multiple layers.


Originality is what everyone loves and looks for, besides “sexy this” and “sexy that.” With Amazon, Etsyand the entire World Wide Web in the palm of your hands, you better be creative with your capitalistic consumption this Halloween. There’s no excuse for you not to be.

Buy a dog/cat if you don’t feel like dressing up but still have the urge to be festive, there are so many sheltered animals that would love to be spoiled for your stupid IG post. Your pet’s costume doesn’t have to be creative, as they’re cute regardless; brownie points if you do decide to be creative. My cockapoo (shoutout to Buster) is going to make a killing this year as Dog Fieri.

A.D.D. Related Side Note: If you despise your liver, take a shot (doesn’t have to be alcohol) for every girl you spot in a black cat get up. Triple shots for every group of three blind mice. An entire bottle of whatever and an Uberride home for every culture appropriating Caucasian encountered.

Most importantly, dress up as something you’re passionate about. Educate yourself and others by what you wear. Go out, be safe and Happy Halloween!