Gifts That Keep On Giving: Subscriptions 101

Are you a bad gift giver? Are you a bad gift giver that’s too sentimental to just hand out gift cards without meaning? Are you a bad gift giver, stressing out the grey hair? It’s alright, I’m going to breakdown the best gift subscriptions to handout to loved ones this holiday season.

Side note: Next week I will be breaking down the ultimate gift guide for Agape!


Turntable Kitchen $25/per month. Know anyone that loves to host dinner parties? With the Pairings Box, you’ll receive curated food and music experience to your door. Sending a perfectly coordinated soundtrack and menu.

All You Can Spice $8.99/per month. Summed up as a passport for your taste buds, each month you’ll receive new and different seasonings from around the globe.

Explore Local Box $39/per month. This one, your taste buds don’t need a passport. Each month you’ll receive a different US city, through locally made, artisan products and food.

TopMunch $32/per month. Delivering monthly international snack boxes to your doorstep. (FREE SAME DAY SHIPPING)

Nostalgic Candy Club $19.99/per month. Described as a monthly trip down memory lane, delivered right to your doorstep. Nostalgic Candy Club delivers retro candies you don’t see anymore.

Art & Craft Lovers

KnitCrate $19.95 - $39.95/per month. Offers several different yarn, plus pattern subscriptions to meet your needs. Each plan comes with a different type of yarn plus patterns, so you can complete an entire project each month.

SketchBox $35/per month. Four to six premium art supplies each month, plus a featured artwork to help inspire you.

The Hippy Hobby $23.95/every other month. One DIY craft kit every other month.

For the Coffee Addicted

Bean Box $17/per month. You’ll receive a monthly tour guide of Seattle’s top coffees. Every Bean Box sent consists of four whole bean roasts as well as tasting notes, roaster profiles, brewing tips, and an artisan chocolate.

Coffee Crate $29/per month. Each month, you’ll receive three new North Carolina roasted boutique coffee


Angelino’s $24.95/per month. Each month, you’ll receive 48 K-cups.

Book Lovers

Book of the Month Club $9.99/per month. You’ll receive one book, or possibly plural (books), all based on your genre preferences. Considering the price, if you’re dating a book worm, this is a gift that will keep on giving.

Quarterly Literary Box $50/per box. Every quarter you’ll receive three books, including brand new releases annotated by the author with hand written notes. That’s not all, each quarter has a new featured curator.

Hello Book Lover $28/per month. You’ll receive curated titles for the modern woman.

True Crime Junkies

Murder Mystery Box $25.99/every three months. You’ll receive a box of mysterious clues revolving around a crime which will be summarized by someone involved.

Hunt A Killer $30.00/per month. You'll receive a box full of seemingly random clues that all have a hidden meaning. As you collect the clues over a period of months, you'll be able to piece them together as you become a detective and try to crack the case.

I’m Deadbolt Mystery Society $24.99/per month. Each month you’ll receive a new case file for you to figure out.