Conceited Christmas Guide: Treat Yourself

With the holiday season wrapping up, its time to start thinking about yourself again. Your mind can only take so much selflessness before growing a tumor, treat yourself for making it through the adversity that comes with the season. You deserve it. Agape has new hot items, here are my recommended highlights:

“Wide Leg Jumper”

$24.26 Colors: Teal & White Don’t let the risk of frostbite every morning stop you from shopping optimistically, it’s a cute Spring look. Another optimistic outlook: Spring starts March 20th, which is the average time time it takes the postal system to pull their head outta their butts.

“Hamsa Hand Ring”

$16.50 Colors: Gold & Silver I just like it, okay.

“Not A Gucci Belt”

$16.00 Black/Red/Gold three-piece set. Unless you’re visually impaired, it’s obvious this isn’t Gucci (so please don’t sue). But hey, you can go to Buckle and over pay to keep your pants up. 3 for $16 speaks for itself, and the look isn’t too shabby. As a male, I might just mess around and buy this for myself. IT’S A STEAL.

“Basic With A Twist”

$18.00 Colors: Light Pink & Black Basic with a twist, like the youth church leader that thinks he’s edgy by saying “damn” from time-to-time. The picture shows the twist in the front, but just like my mental health, you can push that twist to the side for a cute look.

“Ruffled Mesh Top”

$20.75 Colors: Orange & Pink Modest and adorable, humble yet posh. Perfect for the office. Date night apparel. On a Netflix and takeout night, wear this to pick up your dinner and you might just get free grub.

“PLUS Fuzzy White Jacket”

$28.00 Color: White If you’re not a plus size, don’t fret, you have an opportunity to look like Diddy when you pop out the shower; potential bath robe with an attitude.

“Velvet Crop”

$15.75 Colors: Red, White, Black, Lavender, Green A come-to-Jesus moment, how many times have you cycled through Friends on Netflix? You’re a Monica but you think you’re a Rachel, and I’m sure Jennifer Aniston has worn this on several occasions, so treat yourself.

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