Cheat Mother Nature Before She Cheats You

It’s officially December, the best and worst time of the year. In order to budget properly, the struggling millennial must learn how to juggle holiday shopping, do something about the tire light they’ve been putting off all year, but most importantly, winter shop the cutest outfits.

Considering this weekend has been snowfall after snowfall: welcome to the survival guide on how to stay fashionable in the midst of trying times. Mother Nature is that passé friend trying her best to rhymes-with-sock block you. You owe it to yourself to look your best this winter season.

Leggings/Tights Under Jeans

Before you retire your ripped jeans for the season, throw them on over leggings. Stylish plus cozy.

Leather Gloves

If you can’t afford to, don’t cheap out on this accessory. Cheaper gloves will give you the warmth without any of the grip, whereas pricer gloves are quite literally a good looking investment.

Beanie/Knitted Hats

My style doesn’t stem anywhere near the beanie look, I only wear them to keep my face from looking like the bright red tomato from Veggie Tales. It looks cute for a lot of individuals, plus it’s great for on-the-go errands.

Earmuffs/Wrapped Headband

Beanies are prone to cause bad hair days, especially with the early morning scuffle that is getting ready. Earmuffs are great at keeping your ears warm, but the struggle is with finding a pair that is worth wearing. With knitted headbands, you can keep your ears warm with minimal

damage your finished masterpiece.


Wool, silk, oversized, undersized, blanket, polyester - all styles that can get it. My favorite is the scarf necktie.


Are umbrellas for snow even a thing? I’ve never seen it, on the other hand, my psychiatrist would tell you I’m the poster child for A.D.D. Well ANYWAY. Regardless of what my trendsetter alter ego thinks, go buy an umbrella and thank me later.

Heavier Moisturizer

When the weather gets colder, the air gets dryer, and so does your skin. Invest in heavier moisture, don’t be that guy with the skin-cracked knuckles bleeding without realizing.

Waterproof Spray for Shoes

Spike Lee, aka Mars Blackmon, prophesied: ITS GOTTA BE THE SHOES. Ever since that Nike commercial, Michael Jordan went on to become Michael Jordan. Coincidence? What I’m saying is, protect your shoes at all costs. It’s the finishing piece to all outfits. Separation the contenders from the pretenders.

Recommended spray for the kicks:

• Kiwi

• Scotchgard Fabric Protector

• Nikwax Nubuck and Suede Proof Spray

Keep Ugly Shoes On Deck

Before you call me a hypocrite because of the last paragraph, hear me out. No more stepping around awful slush, just throw on a pair of designated ugly shoes. For all the mundane tasks. Great for when you have to scrape snow off your car, step outside to fuel up for gas, walk to the HOA clubhouse for a package, etc etc.


Faux Fur Shawl x Pencil Dress

Suit Blazer x Jewelry Piece Statement

Wrap Coat x Cashmere Scarf