personal shopping 

1. Fill Out an Application 

Personal Shopping is open enrollment! That means we don't have to talk before, can you just sign up! 


Fill out the application so I can get a clear vision of the clothes you're ready to fill your wardrobe with!

2. I Start on Your Shop-able Style Boards

I put together a shop-able style board of clothes for us to shop through together! 

It's like your own personal clothing shop webpage custom-made for you and your style needs. You set the budget so no more over-spending on clothes!

3. We Shop!

We schedule a time to meet and shop together. We go through the style boards and order the clothes you choose. 

At the end, we go over what you want to see more and less of, and set our next date to shop. (Usually done about every 4-6 weeks)

A fitting is optional depending on the amount of clothes purchased. 


My commission is already added into the price you see listed.