The Closet Consult

I see you girl. Tons of clothes but... nothing to wear. Or so you think.

1. Mini Consultation 

A 30-45 minute assessment to see where you're at with your style, assess your needs and make sure you're a good fit for this session. 

2. The Closet Consultation 

First, we set an intention for your closet. What do you want your style to say about you? How will your clothes serve you? Realistically, what do you need clothes for?


Next, I REALLY get to know you. We are going to go through your closet together and make two piles. Clothes to keep and clothes to purge. The clothes we're keeping are the ones that serve you, they fit the intention of your wardrobe and you can and will wear them. 

Then, we get rid of the clothes that don't fit the intention and no longer serve you. 

Finally, we style the clothes the we kept. We work together to use the clothes you already own to serve you and create outfits for all aspect of your lifestyle. 

How nice would it be to actually wear what you own?